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Tianjin Yinfeng Beijing Shenyang high-speed multi project bid


Beijing to Shenyang railway passenger dedicated line is "long-term railway network planning" four vertical and four horizontal passenger line backbone Jinghagaosu an important part of the railway, the railway is a major project in the "12th Five-Year" planning. Line from the Beijing railway hub spark station, via Hebei City, Chaoyang City Province, Liaoning Province, Fuxin City, after access to the Shenyang Railway Station railway hub of Shenyang, a total length of 697.626 km of new lines, with a total investment of $124 billion 500 million. The feasibility study report of the project was approved by the state in December 2013, according to the design and construction of 350 kilometers per hour standard. Another Chifeng to Beijing Shenyang high-speed railway station of Kazuo railway project and Tongliao to Beijing Shenyang high-speed railway project among the Xinmin station.

Beijing Shenyang passenger dedicated line and has been put into operation the Harbin Dalian high-speed railway formed in the northeast of Shenyang and China clearance within second fast railway corridor.