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Brief Description:

YF series bender machine adopts CNC servo-control system.  It is an integration of straightening system, bending system, and cutting system. Rolled steel wire can directly processed into stirrup, shaping rebar, or straight rebar of exact size. Another important characteristic is to quickly change different -diameter rebars . Rebar rods weights 2000-3000 kilograms, thousands of meters in length. So it has no problems of cutting optimization combination and processing according to the diameter. Compared to the production methods by the order, the production efficiency increased. It is widely used in such field as building industry, large-scale rebar processing. Either single-head bending or double-head bending is ok. Working automatically. No need of worker when straightening, bending and cutting. It is currently the world's most advanced rebar processing equipment, as our company's patent product.


1.Multi-functional, both stirrup and sheet rebar can be processed, integrated automatic (CNC) feeding device, to ensure the accuracy.

2. Japanese or Germany PC and CNC control system, high-precision

3. The cutting force of cutting host machine is large

4. Control system: Panasonic, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Schneider, Omron

5. The driving force is with servo motor to drive precision servo reducer. Compared with synchronous belt drive, it is high precision, accurate size, and durable service. It not need to change the belt frequently.

Technical Parameter:

Single wire

Φ5 – 16 [mm]

Double wire

Φ5 – 10 [mm]

Max bending angle


Max bending speed

1100 [°/sec]

Max pulling speed

110 – 130 [m/min]

Max length of the stirrup side

12000 [mm]

Min length of the stirrup side

60 – 90 [mm]

Length Tolerance

±1 [mm]

Bending Tolerance


Average pressure consumption

6 [l/min]

Average electric power consumption

5 – 8 [KW/h]

Labeled electric power

31.5 [KW] (include air compressor)


380 [V] – 50 [Hz]

Overall machine weight

10,700 [Kg]

Overall dimension

29×3×2m  (L×W×H)

Bending direction




















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