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Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Brief Description  

It used to straighten bars, and then cut to certain length. Have the feature of small length error, and high precison. Plain round bar, deformed steel bar of HRB335, HRB400, and cold-rolled bars can be processed.


1. High efficiency: Max. straightening and cutting speed is 136 m/min. Three to four times compared with domestic similar machine.

2. Cut-to-length is highly accurate. It is GT Series machine outstanding feature. After cutting, the length error is not more than 1mm. Such length accuracy is unique in China.

3. Wide range of straightening and cutting: Rebar diameter is from 6mm to 16mm. Customer can choose model according to his need.

4. Used for new steel of grade three. The machine’s straightening part has a style of its own. Used to straighten and cut coiled, cold-rolled ribbed rebar and new grade-three steel.  

5. Controller’s intellectualization: Programmable Controller (PLC). Adjust easily. Stable and reliable.

6. Easy operation: Touch-screen operation. Simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. Simple and clear, input order. Easy to learn.

7. Low fault rate: because spare parts are finely processed, strictly control quality, after installation, can work well for a long time under normal working conditions.

8. High automatic: especially suitable for processing small quantity of multi-size rebar, such as house-building project, wire welded mesh, etc.

9. Patented Technology: company has GT series of completely independent intellectual property rights.

10. Stable performance : Servo motor cutting. High precision. Good stability.

Technical Parameter:




Rebar Diameter(mm)

Φ5 - 12

Φ8 -14

Cutting Length (mm)



Max. Pulling Speed (m/min)



Length Error (mm)

± 1

± 2

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