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Segment Wire Mesh

Brief Description:

Machine principle is to straighten Φ16mm coiled wire, then bend into arc segment. Put cross wire  into welding machine automatically, weld into segment wire mesh, then cut at desired length.



1.   Automatic production, high efficiency, save labor. Precise size, stable, simple production flow, control easily.

2.   Set the change of welding spot quantity and position on operation interface. Easy operation. Improve productivity.

3.   Curve type of welding current control, weld smooth or ribbed wire. Transformer use  microcomputer type of welding controller. Welding current can be stepless adjustment.

4.   Main Parts of Welding machine use forced water cooling, including welding transformer, electrode holder, etc.

5.   Automatic lifting mechanism for longitudinal bar, Prevents electrode head from abrasion in the process of longitudinal bar’s feeding.

6.   Welding electrode head made of good material, use its multisurface, reduce production cost.

7.   Enhanced designed transformer, continuous welding 16+16mm bars at a high speed.

8.   Guide line connected transformer and electrode holder uses way of water cooling, increase service life, extremely low fault rate.


Technical Parameter: 



Longitudinal wire spacingmm


Cross wire spacing(mm)


Longitudinal wire diamater(mm)


Cross wire diameter(mm)


Welding Capacity(mm)


Working speed(cws/min)


Rated power(KVA)




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