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Yinfeng bid ten Bureau of China Railway Yima NC highway steel processing equipment


Yima highway refers to the territory of Hunan Province, Yiyang to Majitang highway, the route is Hunan highway planning network in Pingjiang to Huaihua Expressway in Hunan province is a "11th Five-Year" planning of highway 18 in one, is one of the provincial key projects.

Yima highway from downtown Yiyang city Feng mountain high, connected with the Yiyang City Ring Expressway cross, cross river records, xielinggang, Taojiang County, Fuqiu hill, cormorant crossing, Hong Kong, Li Ma Ji Tang, Wu Tan Zhen day stop at bay, and two wide high-speed Changde to Anhua (Mei Cheng) sections connected. A total length of 57.8 km, Taojiang County, about 50.1 km.

Yima highway construction by two-way four lane Expressway standard, the design speed of 100 km / hour, roadbed width 26M, using the full range of pavement asphalt concrete structure. China Railway ten Bureau Group Second Engineering Limited construction Yima Highway No. three. To ensure the quality of the project, China Railway ten Bureau Group Second Engineering Co. Ltd. to buy CNC bending center Yinfeng machinery equipment, construction engineering quality, social return.